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08 July 2012 @ 06:58 pm
Recently, things have been pretty... well, I say busy, but really I've had plenty of free time to watch Teen Wolf... so busy's a massive lie lol Anywho...

On Tuesday, I got a strange call somewhat late-ish in the night I guess. I was so sure it was a wrong number, because it pretty much started with the caller asking if I remembered him. Uh, yeah no... blocked number and everything so I had no idea. So I asked who he was... "You don't remember? You forgot?" The conversation continued like this for a minute until I said I was sure I hadn't met him to which he replied I'd definitely had. I asked him his name, "Name? You forgot?!" 
So, I mentioned he might have the wrong number... "There's no way I've got the wrong number!" ... Uh, sure buddy. By this point I'd wandered downstairs to where Yumi, Kaori, and Mika were chatting and drinking, I explained the situation to them and Kaori took the phone but she started having a normal conversation with him! XDDD It was almost as if she knew him, but she agreed later that she had no idea. She told him not to call again because the phone belonged to her cute, cute little sister... he must have said he'd call again because she changed it to, "Don't call again, this phone contract is going to end in August, it belongs to a foreign student. I'm serious! Oh, I'm Australian. Of course I'm good at Japanese, I've been here for a year already! Don't call again, I'm hanging up now!"
Lo and fucking behold, he called again xD
That time Mika answered, she asked him who the hell he thought he was calling... and then got up him because he apparently said anyone was fine. She told him she was going to call the cops because his calls were really bothersome, and that she wasn't a nice person and that she was hanging up now. She hung up, and helped me block calls from hidden numbers so he couldn't call again.
Afterwards, we all agreed I should have just bitched him out in English xD;;

Nothing too interesting happened on Wednesday... or Thursday... no wait, on Thursday we went and bought cake! Cake is good... cake is always worth mentioning♥ 

On Friday, I was dragged clubbing again... why do I always say drag when I go quite willingly these days? No idea... oh well. But, before that: awesome thing happened! My circle lenses arrived! (●>ω<●) It was a bit odd at first, but not needing my glasses... oh my god♥ Too bad I can't just wear them all the time, but using my computer with contacts in would just make my eyes worse...( ;∀;)

Anyway, clubbing...
Funny thing one: Some random guy danced with me, didn't say a word to me at all, and then when the song ended went and bragged to his friends... they high-fived and everything. It was fucking hilarious.
Funny thing two: The amount of people cheering whenever Chiyo and Jayne would dance way close. Oh Chiyo, she's so clingy to everyone while drunk.
Odd thing one: Some random asked to dance, and led me to the dance floor (I dragged Un-chan along because he ignored her and she'd be alone otherwise and she's far too pretty to be left alone)... there was no dancing. He turned to his friends and talked to them as soon as we got there instead. Un-chan and I ditched him in favour of people we actually knew a minute or so later.
Nice thing one: Met a really nice girl who danced with us for a while, got her number☆ Also agreed we should meet up again there sometime, but I'm really thinking it's going to be nearly impossible since I'm leaving August first.
Nice thing two: Someone asked both Jayne and I to dance and he actually had a conversation with us too. 

On the way back, we saw a dog get hit by a car. ( ;∀;) We kept it on the side of the road while a Japanese lady who also saw what happened tried to call some vets, which didn't succeed, and then she ended up getting the cops. Who told us they couldn't do anything other than take it to the pound, so in the end the lady said she'd look after it.

The rest of the weekend has been basically uneventful outside of my new love of Teen Wolf. Anyway, I'm off to cook dinner now♥ Even though I just got called by Jayne to go try some whiskey at the guys' dorm and then to go buy fireworks from Daiso. But dinner was on the agenda first and I'm far too lazy to do much else right now, sorry Jayne lol Plus I'm fucking starving D:
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02 July 2012 @ 04:07 pm
If it's any consolation, it's been a boring one. 

So, like always, I've been avoiding homework like the plague... it's now gotten a lot worse and I'm pretty sure I've lost ninety percent of this semester's homework. Oops! I now have to find and do all of that... (;・∀・)

June was a lot of JLPT prep, and damn it stressed me the hell out. I did also manage to get some packing done, but those were only boxes of books to send home... over one hundred books, damn my wallet is fucked. Anyway, here's some of the stuff that happened last month (and then a longer talk of what happened last weekend):
☆ A new skirt I bought stained everything a dull blue/grey when it was in the wash
★ We had a typhoon warning... it was pretty boring here in Kasugai, but I did get out of a test for an extra two days♥
☆ Return of the massive migraines! Well, one... on a day I actually wanted to go to class too. ( ;∀;) From eight until one-thirty, fucking bitch of a thing it was. It hurt to even open my eyes, how does that even work?!

Now for last weekend xD

On Friday, I tagged along with Yuki and Jayne to go to a hip hop dance lesson. I don't know why I tagged along at all considering I hate hip hop (both the music and the dance style), but it was fun... sooo much effort, but fun.

Studio ZOO: Unexperienced Zone (Yuki and Jayne)

On Saturday, I went with Rina and Jayne (Jayne, stop taking over my life lol) to a Creator's Market in Nagoya. It was crowded, but there were sooo many interesting things. I bought some devil horns and a cute fluffy thing that hangs off my bag.

Then, yesterday, was the dreaded JLPT. Even though I did prep more this time than I did last time (which wasn't hard, really, as I barely studied at all last time), I had zero confidence about it while walking in there. In fact, I had zero confidence throughout the whole test. I'll be really damn surprised if I pass lol

Things to look forward to this month:
★ Shopping this Saturday
☆ Yukata shopping on the 11th with Kaori
★ Seeing a Sumo match on the 13th
☆ Kasugai fireworks festival on the 21st
★ A bigger fireworks festival on the 28th
☆ End of classes on the 30th/Farewell ceremony on the 30th (not so much looking forward to this)

Things I have to do this month:
★ Post boxes full of as much stuff as I can fit
☆ Cancel mobile contract
★ Cancel health insurance
☆ Cancel/give back foreign resident registration card
★ Print plane ticket
☆ See about that luggage service (dorm to airport)
★ Homework

I really should have stopped avoiding homework... OTL
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03 June 2012 @ 12:44 pm
Oh dear, was my last update really last month? Oops! Long time no see LJ!

Okay, onwards!

May third, off memory, was another trip to Higashiyama Zoo. Not much had actually changed since the last time I'd been there, but they'd added wolves! Yay! I fucking love wolves xD Katsu was a chicken shit though and freaked out when a few of them started fighting lol He was scared of the lion roaring too actually ( ´艸`) 

I don't think I did much more during Golden Week, but on the eleventh all the foreign students went to Nara! Day one was not as interesting as day two, but here's a day one photo spam!

That night's dinner was amazing though♥

After dinner we all went to the conbini and then to one of the hotel rooms to have a small party for Kin-chan who had her birthday that day☆ I didn't stick around for all of it, but it was a good night.

The next day's breakfast xD

Now for the deer, because that's all I think of when I think of Nara xD


I'd really forgotten how vicious they were... and being bitten by a deer on the inside of the knee really fucking hurts. So many bites D: It was fun though xD After that we headed to the ninja museum which was interesting as well, but I'm far too lazy to sort through those photos right now lol

On the 16th there was another baseball game at Nagoya Dome, Dragons again, so of course I went xD We lost, but I really paid no attention to the game the entire time. I spent all of it talking to Katsu and one of his friends. Afterwards, Daniel, Devon, Ahi, Yumi, and I went to karaoke because why not? XD We got back at 2-something and I slept the entire next day until my phone woke me, and then Mizoguchi knocked on my door asking why I wasn't in class. Ugh, they're so strict about attendance this semester, how annoying.

Other than some tests in class, on the 25th we went to Ise! (It was raining the entire time)

It was actually a pretty good day, got to wander around a lot of shops. I bought some tea to send home, as well as some sake to send home as well lol I also bought myself a Totoro soft toy because why the hell not? XD Actually, since its mouth is wide open every night I think 'one day I'm going to wake up and freak out just because it looks so freaky sometimes'... but it hasn't happened yet lol

After that not much happened... on Friday, I went to a live with Kyla (damn it's been a while since I've done that), and met a few interesting people xD On the way back we ran into an American (who caught our attention by yelling 'Americans!' at us, we both turned around a said 'Australians' back) and had a conversation with him as we walked back to Chikusa station. Nice guy.

Last night, Jayne dragged me clubbing again. It was a hell of a lot more packed compared to Golden Week, holy shit. So, we got in, got our drinks, one step out of the drink line... "Hello! Where are you from?" And oh dear god, I got that question a lot. On the plus side, whenever they asked if I could speak Japanese we'd all switch to it and I'd be able to practice speaking more xDDD Turns out everyone wants to go to Melbourne/has been to Melbourne... why has everyone been to Melbourne but me?!?! 。・゚゚・(≧д≦)・゚゚・。

Can I just say that I don't think I'll ever be used to the touching part of club dancing? (,,#゚Д゚) Some guy slamming himself into my ass while yelling 'more' into my ear is creepy imo. And I kept getting dragged around bloody everywhere, oh hey, you're dragging me away from my friends and pushing me into the middle of a circle of you and your friends? Uhhh... JAYNE! Iamnotusedtothatwtfevenwasallofthatjfc.

It was good fun though, got to meet a few interesting people. At the end of the night some guy gave me his business card cause I said I was interested in working/living in Japan. Apparently they hire a couple of foreigners every year to help with English advertising and stuff. Might look into that sometime I guess. 

Left at eleven-ish again, got back around one-something... man I was so fucking tired, and even though I showered last night my hair still smells like smoke. D: I need another shower before I even contemplate doing homework lol Shower time! ε=ε=ヾ((●・ω・)ノ
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So, it's been a while... yeah, so sorry about that. April turned into a freakin' busy month! (_´Д`_)~~ Anyway! So, classes started and on the first weekend after that we went to a shrine I can't remember the name of at all now (oh dear), and then we went flower viewing! It was such a cold, cold, cooooooooold day, but hanging out with everyone was awesome♥

The next day we went to Inuyama Castle as there was a sakura matsuri or something festival-like happening there anyway. There was soooooo much food♥ I am so in love with Japanese food... I've got no idea what I'm going to do when I get back to my small hometown in Aus... cry, probably lol. 

For lunch we stopped and had udon before continuing to Inuyama castle, where if you wanted to get in and look around there was a huge line with an hour wait. Jayne and I didn't bother with it and wandered around the grounds and the nearby shrines/temples and souvenir shops instead. 

We left a bit earlier than the others, but it was still a great day☆

The next important thing in April was, of course, the freaking Alice Nine concert, hell yes.

It was at Bottomline in Imaike, and though the venue was tiny they still got a hell of a lot of people in there. Jayne and I were stuck at the back, but I still managed to get an awesome view and ohmygod it was amazing. Sooo I was basically in love the entire time, haha. Seeing them people size instead of monitor size, oh my! The concert itself was so good though and so much fun☆ I just wish I'd gotten better tickets xD

I did manage to buy a lot of merch though, yay!

That Saturday, Jayne, Katsu, and I wandered around the shopping mall in Ozone for a while, before going to Nagoya Castle (my third time). It was nice seeing it again, especially in Spring as I went there in Winter last time. They had some performances going on too, it was great. Afterwards we went to Ossu and wandered around there for a while before splitting up and going home.

That same week I also booked my flight home from Japan. 。・゚゚・(≧д≦)・゚゚・。 I don't wanna go back to Australia at all! Whenever I think about it I just wanna hide~~ I leave 1st August. Nuuuuuuu!

On Friday, I went with Yumi to go buy some JLPT study books (I should do some more stuff from those actually), after getting lost the first hour or so we managed to find our way to a good bookstore and managed to get some books. We also came across a cute pancake place (and some other shops)!

Aaaaand some moreCollapse )

The next week I went to an EARNIE FROGs live with Ahi, Jayne, and Kyla. It was fun, I hadn't been to a live in a while and even though I didn't want to go originally I had a good time♥ 

The next day I met Chieko and we hung out at the house for a while. I got her to play L4D2 and introduced her to a few shows and things. It was great~~ next time we have to invite Yui and go do karaoke or something (*゚▽゚*)ワクワク

The last night... something I'd been dreading happened.

Ignore my face xDCollapse )

Jayne successfully made me go clubbing. Okay, it was surprisingly fun, but I'd spent like the entire week leading up to it freaking the fuck out because I am not good with these things! So, anyway, around six-ish I headed over to Jayne's for pre-drinks, though it was only the two of us at that point, and (I don't drink much at all, but I'll drink whatever's given to me sooo) I ended up drinking two and a half drinks in less than half an hour. Oh dear. We met Yuika and Kin at 7 and caught the train (and subway) to Yamacho? Shit, I can't remember xD;; 

We waited around for everyone else to arrive and then made our way to the club, which had barely anyone in it. Man that calmed me down a whole heap cause all I could think of was when I went with Gin and everyone and it was fucking packed D: Anyway, it was like 8:50 or 9 or something and no one was dancing or anything so whatever, we all wander out onto the dance floor and dance (I can't dance). It was fun~~ I'm really, really surprised at how fun it was.

We danced, drank, and hung around until a bit past 11 cause we wanted to catch the last train back... and damn my feet were killing me by the end of it xD I should not have worn my heeled boots, but I never wear them so I figured they needed to be worn. Anyway, I ended up buying slippers at 7-11 and wearing those on the walk home instead lol It was such a good night though, even if I was a bit hungover this morning and it hurts to walk and going downstairs is hell because stairs and sore legs and feet and ugh. 

Tomorrow Jayne and I are meeting up with Katsu and going I have no idea where because none of us have plans. I might suggest the cute pancake place~~ I hope I can remember where it is D:

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So! I went to Tokyo Disney on the 27th and 28th of March! (*゚▽゚*) So exciting! It was so much fun and I took so many photos and didn't ride as many rides as I should have, but I ate a lot of food and many different flavours of popcorn and everything was amazing!

We had a couple of tickets to choose from for our own, though we only had two Minnies, that turtle....? from Finding Nemo, and Bambi! I called dibs on Bambi, obviously >.>;; The lines were so huge, we just had to choose the time with all the school graduation trips, didn't we? XD;; 

Tokyo DisneylandCollapse )

After that we managed to ride the teacups before having to leave to catch our bus to the hotel... where I crashed and died xD;;

All my day photos from Disney Sea seem to have disappeared somewhere... weird. Ah well. Anyway, we got to Disney Sea in time for a huuuuuge line, but whatever. We managed to make it inside well enough, and the first thing we did was fastpass Tower of Terror and then line up for hours and hours and hours waiting for Journey to the Centre of the Earth. The wait was so damn long, oh my god... and as pretty and wonderful as it was I really was expecting more drops from it (there was really only one huge one at the end and I leant over to look down at it as we went down... yeah, that was smart >.<).

We wandered around shopping and stuff for a while, didn't go on as many rides as we should have, but it was still a good day. The Tower of Terror was interesting! It had this whole cursed tiki plot and abandoned hotel thing and ugh, I wish I still had my photos... what the hell happened when I was copying everything to my computer? D: But yeah, it was so interesting... the drop itself wasn't what I expected, we were in an elevator with seats... compared to the one drop ride I went on in Wonderland back when it was open in Aus this was pretty tame. Still screamed though, but it wasn't like I was feeling like I was going to go flying out of the seat this time... and this time I had a floor unlike last time. Last time was scarier... >.>;;

I can barely remember Disney Sea actually because by the end of it my shoes were dying and my feet were killing me and I probably ate too much cause I felt so sick like I was going to throw up, but anyway... before the end of it xDD;; I managed to finish off my souvenir shopping and I even got myself a Duffy bear cause he's so cute and fluffy! 

We also had some horrible weather that broke the Alice umbrella I'd bought the day before at Disneyland, cue my devastation. The night performance was good though, even if they had to change it and cancel the fireworks because of the weather. (My camera was dying at this point again too -.-)

Disney SeaCollapse )

No long after that we had to go catch the night bus home, and ugh... I got like maybe one hour of sleep on that trip back. I hate night buses.

On the night of the 29th, I went to a live at SiX-DOG with Kyla, Devon, and Kosuke. That was fun☆ It was a free live and LYNX and Aireal Tram played first, and then a whole heap of high school bands started performing. We hung around for a while talking, and I made a friend. Yay xD;; It was also hilarious to hear everyone practice their English (≧▽≦) Though a lot of it ended up being swearing at each other lol 

Oh, forgot to mention, on the 23rd Jayne arrived at Chubu. Finally another Aussie! She's awesome and she also likes Alice Nine, yay!

Oh god this entry is getting so long xD;; Anyway, on Sunday I went shopping with Yuki and Jayne. We went to Sakae and Osu Kannon! I spent way too much on clothes xD;; But on the other hand, I have ridiculously adorable clothes now♥ and that's always a plus! No photos because my laziness is overwhelming me right now lol

On Monday, I got told I had to dress in lolita and come hand out flyers for the ESS club. I'm not even in the ESS club, but seeing as I have friends who are I agreed and helped out for four hours, though I really wasn't much help xD;; They were trying to convince the first years to join, but most of them were 'I'm bad at English', 'I have no interest in English', 'I hate English'. Oh dear xD;;

Yesterday, we had class orientation and I'm still in the middle class though the guys have progressed to it as well. Kyla's made it to the top class which has melded with the 'special students' class, joy. Ugh, here goes my irrational jealousy~~ Ah well, I'll get over it. I am happy for her (kinda), I'm just pissed at myself mainly I think. Either way we're both taking JLPT N2 again this year. Joy.

We also had a huge storm yesterday (though Tokyo had it worse, I hear), and I'm surprised the cherry blossoms survived it.
Before storm/beginning of storm: 
After storm:

If the LJ cuts don't work I'm really, really sorry for the huge-ass post.
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18 March 2012 @ 04:02 pm

So it's been a while xD;; Since I last updated I spent three days in Hiroshima with Kyla (who was originally going to go with Kurumi who got sick, so I got Kurumi's ticket). We caught the night bus from Sakae and arrived in Hiroshima ridiculously early D: (Well, about twenty-something minutes before I took that photo anyway). So we waited around for the station to open so we could dump our stuff in coin lockers before walking towards the Peace Museum (or where we were hoping it was on the map).

It felt like midday by the time we got to the Dome/Museum/Park, but it was really only like seven something... exhaustion abound, yay. -.- Did manage to take a lot of photos though.


This was actually my second time visiting Hiroshima Peace Park/etc, and it still hits me hard. I did get to wander around the park this time more, but I think that just made it worse. ( ;∀;)

After we'd sat in the cafe nearby for a while we decided to walk back and hunt down our hotel. We found it around 3-ish, checked in, and slept until 6. After that we went and ate ramen and then went back to the hotel.

Next day, we decided to go to Miyajima... (it was my second time there too xD) it was Sunday and really crowded... but I got some good photos on the boat anyway xD


Once we arrived, we filled out a survey and got some free stuff and then got to explore the island. I actually hadn't remembered that I'd been there before until I saw the stalls/shops and the deer xD;; They were so cute♥

We wandered around and explored the places we were allowed to go, and also got to have some fresh momiji manjyuu☆ Anywho, random photos for a while xD


We did a hell of a lot of walking, and it was freezing, but around three or four-ish the tide had been low enough that we could walk out to the torii in the water (*゚▽゚*)


Afterwards we went back to Hiroshima and went out for okonomiyaki. The store owner guy was really nice and he told us he'd spent some time in Aus (and actually knew that the capital was Canberra rather than Sydney). It was an awesome night on top of an awesome day really.

Our last day was Hiroshima Castle as well as meeting up with Sam. Okay, so the castle itself was pretty similar to every other castle I've seen here so far, but meh. It was awesome seeing Sam again! After Hiroshima Castle, we went for purikura and then lunch which was okonomiyaki again. Yum♥ Karaoke came next, and then Kyla and I went back to the station while Sam headed back to her uni. Kyla and I bought our souvenirs for people, and then caught the shinkansen back to Nagoya. 

Unfortunately we had to walk back from Jinryo with our luggage, but we managed it xD;;

While we'd been gone our new RA arrived, she's nice... she's been to Australia four times xD And then a couple of days later Yumi, from Korea, arrived. She's nice too☆ 

On Friday, I went into Sakae to meet Bethany who I'd been talking to on tumblr as we were both going to the same Alice Nine concert. It was awesome meeting her, cause other than Yuki who I've converted I know no Alice Nine fans here yet D: We wandered around for a while and Bethany tried the sakura cappuccino while I tried the cake, and then we both tried honey tea/coffee. Honey~~~   It was great, and I really need to see when we can meet again cause I really need to get out of the house more lol

Not long until Tokyo Disney, and then a little longer until the Alice Nine concert. I can't wait! (*≧▽≦)bb めっさ楽しみやん!! Well, my mouse is bitching about battery power so I'm gonna go change mouses and then play some L4D2 now that I've got it working again.

(* ̄▽ ̄)ノ~~マタネー♪
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07 March 2012 @ 09:57 pm
This week, Kyla, Daniel, Devon, and I had volunteered to help out at the tea house as there was some Science conference happening and there would be some visitors to Chubu including some foreign visitors... so they had something on at the tea house too. We were meant to be translating and telling people the correct way to eat the sweets/drink their tea/etc. 

Monday wasn't so bad... it was raining so not many people came. Tuesday, however, was a lot more hectic... both Kyla and Devon were sick so it was just Daniel and I (and Daniel pretty much had me explain most things to people). Unfortunately, I'm still not so good with talking to people in any language so I kind of stumbled through my explanations a lot and yeah. The tea lady also expected us to translate so much stuff (T△T)↓ She'd talk for like five minutes and then turn to us and expect us to translate everything she just said about tea ceremony and tradition and history. Thankfully we remembered enough of what she said most times to get by... but ugh I can't concentrate well when I'm nervous! ヽ(;´Д`)ノ

That night I went out with Kyla (who felt better after resting) to a live at SiX-DOG. We were going to see LYNX again, and it was a free live again yay! So we got in, and after a while saw LYNX. We ended up at the front with two other girls who were also LYNX fans... there was a lot of leaning back away from the stage as Okapi kept leaning forward and jumping onto things and leaning over. ( ´艸`)

We hung around until the end where the last band mentioned an after-party. I kind of... I don't know what happened. Kyla always goes to the after-parties and I didn't want to make her leave with me, but I didn't want to go back by myself either... and I did kind of want to stay for the after-party, but I was feeling kind of overwhelmed too somehow. It was weird... it felt kind of like the time I went clubbing with Lauren in first year (mistake!)... and ugh, feelings... feelings all over the place. Kyla got asked if we were staying for the after-party and she said it was up to me... I kinda floundered a bit more. Kanie was all 'oh, she's that shy' cause Gin had told him I was really shy at some point... and then he continues that I don't need to be shy and that we were already friends and it's like damn it Kanie... I'm trying not to burst into tears here because all you guys are awesome and I feel bad cause I feel like I'm making things awkward/weird/etc... and I feel bad cause I wanna leave, but I also wanna stay and ahh! DECISIONS!

So, after I'd calmed down a bit, we decided to stay for kanpai and then hang around for a little bit longer. After kanpai, Kyla and Miyano were chatting and I was kind of sitting there awkwardly (kind of regret that but considering how I was feeling earlier I thought it kind of better not to talk much for a bit anyway), and Miyano was helping Kyla sound more like a Japanese person than a foreigner with pronunciation and stuff. I was unhelpful and just kept laughing at her. Afterwards a couple of girls started talking to us, they were really nice and had ridiculously cute iPhone cases... I was so jealous and I really, really, really need to hunt myself down a cute case before I go back to Aus.

Oh! I forgot to mention earlier, but I'd also bought Crunchies with me to the live (cause I'd forgotten to give two to Daniel earlier yesterday) and pretty much all of them were handed out... and people liked them, oh my! They were handed out to LYNX members (first Kanie and Shingo, then Okapi, and I didn't spot Miyano until he'd taken a bite from Okapi's xDDD), and then to a member of Aireal Tram (who I haven't listened to yet) that's also friends with Kyla, and then to some girls that Kyla kind of knew. There's one left and I have to force myself not to eat it because it's actually for Yuki who organised all our Tokyo Disney stuff. Ahhh, I wanna eat it so bad though.

Anyway, Okapi got back from wherever he disappeared to as we were leaving. He was kind of surprised Kyla was leaving so early xD;; My bad, but oh well... I managed to joke around a bit with Okapi and try to stop being so quiet and I kind of managed it a little so I was happy. We made our way back to the house easily enough, though it had started to rain a little by the time we got back. It was a good night though, but I think with the whole day being how it was (there was also a couple of assholes at the tea house that day, and I'd been forced out of my quiet little comfort zone a lot) I probably wouldn't have been able to last the entire after-party. Well, I might have, but since it's over now I'll never know xD Ah well, I'll try next time. 頑張りま〜す!

Today's helping out at the tea house wasn't so bad as Kyla had come again today too, but today not many customers came either... so that made it easier. 

Oh yeah, forgot... yesterday morning we got kicked out of the house around 10 because they wanted to wax the floors... so with nothing to do Kyla and I went to the next station to explore. There was pretty much nothing there, but we did find a hairdressers (and the people were way nice and let us get haircuts without appointments). I finally have a fringe again! I didn't explain what I wanted really well, but I'm very happy I've at least gotten rid of the split ends and things my hair had lol 

Time to sleep! [寝室]*・ω・)ノ" おやすみぃ♪ 
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27 February 2012 @ 07:04 pm
So last week I decided that I'd start trying to go places by myself to work on getting over the weird anxiety I get at the idea of being alone anywhere... even in Australia there were times when I couldn't even stand being alone in my own house. Anyway, I decided I'd try going to a nearby okonomiyaki place to have lunch one day.

I put it off, and continued putting it off... I had food in my fridge/I was saving money/I was going to go out with people later anyway... aaaaaaaaand finally today I mustered the effort. That first step was ridiculously hard! And I kept wanting to just go back to my room and curl up in my chair and play L4D... thankfully I didn't, and I calmed down some until a ute playing some announcement drove past and I started getting a bad feeling again. Buuuut I managed to make it to the store and have lunch, yay!

The way back I freaked out though, not so much that I had to call Kyla (who said she didn't mind if I called her if I freaked), but I rushed the way back which I regret so much. It was such a nice day, and I didn't even try to calm myself down until I was back at the uni gate closest to my old dorm.

It's not really a long walk to the okonomiyaki place, seriously it's really not... but (this is kind of a little silly, maybe, since it's not that far) I'm kind of proud of myself for actually going out and wandering a little bit (even if it was close and it wasn't really wandering as I had a destination) cause I didn't freak as much as I thought I would, I didn't cry, I wasn't shaking by the time I got there, and I didn't give up and just not go. 

So yeah, not a very interesting post... but that's what I did today (other than play Left 4 Dead 2 some more).

Speaking of L4D2, I was expert-ing my way through Dead Centre and FREAKING KYLA SNEAKS UP BEHIND ME AND WATCHES OVER MY SHOULDER AND I SAW HER AND I SCREAMED! ... She's managed something that my dad has yet to accomplish. Damn XDDDD I'd already died like 7 times in Hard Rain on expert today, so when she arrived during Dead Centre I was completely in the game. Gyah, I had not been expecting her at all lol
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26 February 2012 @ 09:38 pm
So, there's this place in Sakae that has a GIANT PARFAIT for $55-something and if you (up to four people) finish it in 20 minutes or less it's free. Goooood fucking luck with that. We went there on Friday; there was nine of us and it took us quite a while, the bottom of it had melted into soup by the end of it. (IT WAS AMAZING AND COMPLETELY WORTH IT)

Afterwards we went bowling, I hadn't been bowling in probably over five years... and I still sucked ガーーー(TДT|||)ーーーン Ah well, it was fun♥ Then we did some purikura and tried to win things from UFO catchers for a while (I won a baby alpaca, it's so fluffy~~), then we did karaoke in the One Piece room. Damn One Piece... D: (no photos of the room because I forgot)

Yuki dropped by the house on the way back and I got her to play Left 4 Dead 2 for a while before I did her nails cause she asked. She liked them, thankfully, and she also liked L4D2. Yay! 

On Saturday Kyla, Devon, and I went to Shin-Sakae to go to SiX-DOG again to see LYNX. Unfortunately, we left kind of late and there'd been an accident so our bus to the station was delayed too. Our train was also late because another train was late so ours decided to be late by another five minutes on top of the few minutes it was already late. Isn't that just how it works though?

Fortunately, we made it in time to hear their last two songs, and we ended up sticking around until the end of the live (it ran pretty late, but there had been around seven bands this time instead of the usual five or so). It was fun, and I got my LYNX CDs I'd bought (one for me, and one for a friend) signed by all of them but the drummer (who had left straight after their performance to appease his girlfriend on her birthday). 

For some reason the bassist of this band decided to be a bear, it ended up being a running thing throughout their entire performance. When he did take off the bear suit he was a lot more jumpy and moved around the stage a lot more xDD

Afterwards we went for dinner at CoCo Ichibanya. I hate curry, and guess what the main thing they serve is... curry! Ahh, curse my friends and their love of it. I forced myself through a plate, and then we started our walk back to Chikusa. I stopped at Lawson, however, to buy Alice Nine concert tickets for myself and Kyla (who I'm dragging along even though she hasn't listened to Alice Nine yet... well, less dragging, she agreed to come with me cause she's a nice person). SO EXCITED! It took me a while to remember how to buy tickets using the machine, but (with no thanks to the workers there) I got the tickets! Yay!

Then we got back to Chubu around 12-something, and I fell asleep as soon as I got back in my room. Screw trying to stay awake, I was already tired! xD

Aaaaaaaand, I just remembered what I did on the 21st-23rd. I fangirled over Alice Nine, 21st their new album leaked, 22nd it came out and there was an A9ちゃんねる, 23rd my copy of it arrived and there was a special broadcast about the album on Nico Nico. Oh Alice Nine, still consuming my life... xD

There was also more L4D2 playage this week than there has been in months... hopefully I can get my playing better than I was before... though since I've taken such a long break I've been kind of sucking at it. ∑(´□`;) Hopefully I can fix this soon! 
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≡ヾ(*′▽`*)ノ オヒサァ♪

Starting from Valentine's Day! Oh my! I didn't give anyone anything because I'm boring, buuut I did go out with Kyla, Matt, Koo, and Miwa to Kanayama to go to Yamachan for dinner and then to see Okapi from LYNX do a street performance outside Kanayama Station. This was my first time meeting Okapi, and he's pretty damn awesome. He's really good, and really friendly☆ 


We also met Kouji who joined in performing for a while as well, he kept trying to find English songs to sing, but most of the time none of us could remember the words. Then again, he did attempt pretty old English songs... (゚ω゚;A) We stayed until the end of the performance before finally getting back to the International House at 1:30. It was so cold!

On Wednesday, I don't remember doing much, but on Thursday Kyla and I went shopping... mainly because I had barely any warm/winter clothes, so I spent way too much money on clothes xD;; 

On Friday, we went to Meijo Park to wander around and then walk to Nagoya Castle (as I hadn't been since 2006 and could barely remember that trip). We met a nice old man there who gave us some info on cheap travel programmes around Nagoya, he apparently really likes making friends with foreigners. He spoke a bit about his Russian friend and showed us a letter from someone in Poland as well.

Saturday was another live! This time at SiX-DOG in Shin-Sakae, we were only going to see LYNX and then afterwards we were going to a party at eight. The first band performing was good, but they just weren't really fun I guess? LYNX, however, was fun. They had so much energy, it was awesome♥

I have the video of one of their songs on Photobucket, but I'm not sure how to embed videos from Photobucket into LJ sooo, here's a link to my tumblr post of it. OTL (Song: ばかになれ)

Afterwards we walked to Sakae Station, and met up with Nacchan and Uggachan, we went to Uggachan's place for Chinese-style nabe (apparently), and then after a couple of hours of chatting and randomly singing Linkin Park, we went to karaoke from 12-something until 3. Then Takachan (who'd joined us before karaoke) drove us all home... nice guy. I feel bad he had to drive us all the way to Kasugai though, because that was a pretty long drive for 3-4 in the morning. DDD:

Got back to the house at 4:30 or so, and I went pretty much straight to sleep... woke up at 12 thinking it was 9am... yeah, no. Ahh, I completely wasted the day, but the night was so good♥
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