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19 February 2012 @ 10:38 pm
Going out, meeting people, suddenly now my business~~  
≡ヾ(*′▽`*)ノ オヒサァ♪

Starting from Valentine's Day! Oh my! I didn't give anyone anything because I'm boring, buuut I did go out with Kyla, Matt, Koo, and Miwa to Kanayama to go to Yamachan for dinner and then to see Okapi from LYNX do a street performance outside Kanayama Station. This was my first time meeting Okapi, and he's pretty damn awesome. He's really good, and really friendly☆ 


We also met Kouji who joined in performing for a while as well, he kept trying to find English songs to sing, but most of the time none of us could remember the words. Then again, he did attempt pretty old English songs... (゚ω゚;A) We stayed until the end of the performance before finally getting back to the International House at 1:30. It was so cold!

On Wednesday, I don't remember doing much, but on Thursday Kyla and I went shopping... mainly because I had barely any warm/winter clothes, so I spent way too much money on clothes xD;; 

On Friday, we went to Meijo Park to wander around and then walk to Nagoya Castle (as I hadn't been since 2006 and could barely remember that trip). We met a nice old man there who gave us some info on cheap travel programmes around Nagoya, he apparently really likes making friends with foreigners. He spoke a bit about his Russian friend and showed us a letter from someone in Poland as well.

Saturday was another live! This time at SiX-DOG in Shin-Sakae, we were only going to see LYNX and then afterwards we were going to a party at eight. The first band performing was good, but they just weren't really fun I guess? LYNX, however, was fun. They had so much energy, it was awesome♥

I have the video of one of their songs on Photobucket, but I'm not sure how to embed videos from Photobucket into LJ sooo, here's a link to my tumblr post of it. OTL (Song: ばかになれ)

Afterwards we walked to Sakae Station, and met up with Nacchan and Uggachan, we went to Uggachan's place for Chinese-style nabe (apparently), and then after a couple of hours of chatting and randomly singing Linkin Park, we went to karaoke from 12-something until 3. Then Takachan (who'd joined us before karaoke) drove us all home... nice guy. I feel bad he had to drive us all the way to Kasugai though, because that was a pretty long drive for 3-4 in the morning. DDD:

Got back to the house at 4:30 or so, and I went pretty much straight to sleep... woke up at 12 thinking it was 9am... yeah, no. Ahh, I completely wasted the day, but the night was so good♥
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The Leftover Mushroom: /Zenhopelesslynuts on February 19th, 2012 08:50 pm (UTC)
Those pictures of Nagoya Castle are beautiful... I would so love to go there one day!