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02 July 2012 @ 04:07 pm
And it's been another month  
If it's any consolation, it's been a boring one. 

So, like always, I've been avoiding homework like the plague... it's now gotten a lot worse and I'm pretty sure I've lost ninety percent of this semester's homework. Oops! I now have to find and do all of that... (;・∀・)

June was a lot of JLPT prep, and damn it stressed me the hell out. I did also manage to get some packing done, but those were only boxes of books to send home... over one hundred books, damn my wallet is fucked. Anyway, here's some of the stuff that happened last month (and then a longer talk of what happened last weekend):
☆ A new skirt I bought stained everything a dull blue/grey when it was in the wash
★ We had a typhoon warning... it was pretty boring here in Kasugai, but I did get out of a test for an extra two days♥
☆ Return of the massive migraines! Well, one... on a day I actually wanted to go to class too. ( ;∀;) From eight until one-thirty, fucking bitch of a thing it was. It hurt to even open my eyes, how does that even work?!

Now for last weekend xD

On Friday, I tagged along with Yuki and Jayne to go to a hip hop dance lesson. I don't know why I tagged along at all considering I hate hip hop (both the music and the dance style), but it was fun... sooo much effort, but fun.

Studio ZOO: Unexperienced Zone (Yuki and Jayne)

On Saturday, I went with Rina and Jayne (Jayne, stop taking over my life lol) to a Creator's Market in Nagoya. It was crowded, but there were sooo many interesting things. I bought some devil horns and a cute fluffy thing that hangs off my bag.


Then, yesterday, was the dreaded JLPT. Even though I did prep more this time than I did last time (which wasn't hard, really, as I barely studied at all last time), I had zero confidence about it while walking in there. In fact, I had zero confidence throughout the whole test. I'll be really damn surprised if I pass lol

Things to look forward to this month:
★ Shopping this Saturday
☆ Yukata shopping on the 11th with Kaori
★ Seeing a Sumo match on the 13th
☆ Kasugai fireworks festival on the 21st
★ A bigger fireworks festival on the 28th
☆ End of classes on the 30th/Farewell ceremony on the 30th (not so much looking forward to this)

Things I have to do this month:
★ Post boxes full of as much stuff as I can fit
☆ Cancel mobile contract
★ Cancel health insurance
☆ Cancel/give back foreign resident registration card
★ Print plane ticket
☆ See about that luggage service (dorm to airport)
★ Homework

I really should have stopped avoiding homework... OTL
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kurikuribebikurikuribebi on July 2nd, 2012 02:30 pm (UTC)
Be careful with what you write on the box slips and make sure you divide all your important things. I had 4 of my boxes stolen when I went back to the US for the first time.

The post office can actually deliver your luggage to the airport if you send it in time.
Jade: sakaehisuiai on July 8th, 2012 09:59 am (UTC)
Oh damn D: Thanks, I'll be careful.

Ooh, yay! That's helpful. One of my teachers was telling me about a company, but I can only remember the logo and not the name D: But if I can just send my luggage from the post office then that'd be awesome. Thank you! ☆