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08 July 2012 @ 06:58 pm
Just a text post, my bad...  
Recently, things have been pretty... well, I say busy, but really I've had plenty of free time to watch Teen Wolf... so busy's a massive lie lol Anywho...

On Tuesday, I got a strange call somewhat late-ish in the night I guess. I was so sure it was a wrong number, because it pretty much started with the caller asking if I remembered him. Uh, yeah no... blocked number and everything so I had no idea. So I asked who he was... "You don't remember? You forgot?" The conversation continued like this for a minute until I said I was sure I hadn't met him to which he replied I'd definitely had. I asked him his name, "Name? You forgot?!" 
So, I mentioned he might have the wrong number... "There's no way I've got the wrong number!" ... Uh, sure buddy. By this point I'd wandered downstairs to where Yumi, Kaori, and Mika were chatting and drinking, I explained the situation to them and Kaori took the phone but she started having a normal conversation with him! XDDD It was almost as if she knew him, but she agreed later that she had no idea. She told him not to call again because the phone belonged to her cute, cute little sister... he must have said he'd call again because she changed it to, "Don't call again, this phone contract is going to end in August, it belongs to a foreign student. I'm serious! Oh, I'm Australian. Of course I'm good at Japanese, I've been here for a year already! Don't call again, I'm hanging up now!"
Lo and fucking behold, he called again xD
That time Mika answered, she asked him who the hell he thought he was calling... and then got up him because he apparently said anyone was fine. She told him she was going to call the cops because his calls were really bothersome, and that she wasn't a nice person and that she was hanging up now. She hung up, and helped me block calls from hidden numbers so he couldn't call again.
Afterwards, we all agreed I should have just bitched him out in English xD;;

Nothing too interesting happened on Wednesday... or Thursday... no wait, on Thursday we went and bought cake! Cake is good... cake is always worth mentioning♥ 

On Friday, I was dragged clubbing again... why do I always say drag when I go quite willingly these days? No idea... oh well. But, before that: awesome thing happened! My circle lenses arrived! (●>ω<●) It was a bit odd at first, but not needing my glasses... oh my god♥ Too bad I can't just wear them all the time, but using my computer with contacts in would just make my eyes worse...( ;∀;)

Anyway, clubbing...
Funny thing one: Some random guy danced with me, didn't say a word to me at all, and then when the song ended went and bragged to his friends... they high-fived and everything. It was fucking hilarious.
Funny thing two: The amount of people cheering whenever Chiyo and Jayne would dance way close. Oh Chiyo, she's so clingy to everyone while drunk.
Odd thing one: Some random asked to dance, and led me to the dance floor (I dragged Un-chan along because he ignored her and she'd be alone otherwise and she's far too pretty to be left alone)... there was no dancing. He turned to his friends and talked to them as soon as we got there instead. Un-chan and I ditched him in favour of people we actually knew a minute or so later.
Nice thing one: Met a really nice girl who danced with us for a while, got her number☆ Also agreed we should meet up again there sometime, but I'm really thinking it's going to be nearly impossible since I'm leaving August first.
Nice thing two: Someone asked both Jayne and I to dance and he actually had a conversation with us too. 

On the way back, we saw a dog get hit by a car. ( ;∀;) We kept it on the side of the road while a Japanese lady who also saw what happened tried to call some vets, which didn't succeed, and then she ended up getting the cops. Who told us they couldn't do anything other than take it to the pound, so in the end the lady said she'd look after it.

The rest of the weekend has been basically uneventful outside of my new love of Teen Wolf. Anyway, I'm off to cook dinner now♥ Even though I just got called by Jayne to go try some whiskey at the guys' dorm and then to go buy fireworks from Daiso. But dinner was on the agenda first and I'm far too lazy to do much else right now, sorry Jayne lol Plus I'm fucking starving D:
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kurikuribebikurikuribebi on July 8th, 2012 11:16 pm (UTC)
Well if he called asking if you remembered him, he might have been calling the person who had that number before you?
I've had it happen to me several times not only in Japan, but in Korea as well as the US.

I did have that happen to me in person too. A guy walked up to us at the club while I was sipping drinks with my friend.

Guy: おお、久しぶり!
Me: あんた、だれ? (I'm tipsy hahha)
Guy: えッ?俺の事、覚えべん?
Me: 全然

He walked away but I remembered him like five minutes later! He had been this guy who let me borrow his coat to the station a few nights before.

Edited at 2012-07-08 11:17 pm (UTC)
Jon Jonjonjonxd on July 12th, 2012 11:26 am (UTC)
I immediately thought you were talking about the Michael J. Fox Teen Wolf....oh well haha. I got excited.

Oh Phone calls.....

I'm not into the club scene personally, but that's cool that you had fun haha.